Broths are the very essence of soups.  It doesn’t get any simpler or quicker than a broth to fill the tummy with a hot flavorful beverage.

I use a lot of different bouillon flavors from Better-Than-Bouillon, available at most grocery stores and some health-food stores.  Look for the low-sodium varieties or order them online.  Herbox is another bouillon that will do in a pinch.  It is in powder form and available in sodium free varieties.

The directions on the Better-Than-Bouillon jar suggests a serving equals 1 teaspoon (6 grams) per 8 ounce water.  That’s only 10 calories but it is 680 milligrams of sodium; that’s 28 percent of the daily value of sodium, as recommended by USDA¹.  That’s why I look for the low-sodium products.  However, if I can’t find the low-sodium variety, I use the regular bouillon but I don’t follow the jar’s directions for servings.  Instead, I will add 1 tablespoon (22 grams/2493mg) to 8 cups of water. We now have eight 1 cup servings for less than half (54 percent) the sodium at 312 milligrams per serving.  We can even double our serving amount to 16 ounces and still have 8 percent less sodium (623 milligrams) than if we mixed it up as directed on the jar.  The point is to experiment and find out what satisfies your taste buds and your appetite.

The flavors you will find in bouillon products are chicken, turkey, ,ham, mushroom, vegetarian, beef, Au Jus, chili, clam, fish, and lobster.  The recipe for broth is the same for each.

Add 1 teaspoon of Better-Than-Bouillon to 2 cups of hot water for one serving (15 calories).

Add 1 tablespoon of Better-Than-Bouillon to 8 cups of hot water for four 2 cup servings (15 calories each).


¹More accurately, the Institute of Medicine, of the National Academies






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