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Here we go again. . .

My Blog got squashed!  Somehow, I managed to lock myself out of From My Neck of the Woods and had to install a new version starting from scratch.  I’ve done this several times, so, here we go again.

This time I’ll simplify the topics:

Nature – articles on all things in Nature that captivate my attention and, I hope, yours.

Outdoor Activities – some of the activities that I enjoy alone, with my dog,  with my friends, and with my clients (aka “Sports” in the Maine Guide’s vernacular)

Health and Diet – some observations on both these topics and favorite recipes

Maine Guide Service Trips and Education –  A description of the certifications I hold as a Master Maine Guide.  Prices are listed.

I hope you will enjoy the posts and visit often.


RJ Mere, January 21, 2015