Snowbound and loving it!


We’ve had strange weather for the most of 2016.  Even the early winter of 2017 was almost uneventful but hold on to your snow shovels!  The latest storms started a couple of days ago and this last one is still adding to the three feet that’s already fallen in the past 24 hours.

I had plans to refinish the wood strip canoe this winter but right now it’s buried under a snowbank along with the kayak.  There’s still plenty of time to get that beautiful Northern White Cedar to jaw-dropping condition before the fishing season is upon us.

This year, there will be lots of canoeing and lots of fishing with many friends but my best and joyful buddy won’t be joining us.  Cancer finally took Woody and the days since are empty without him.

Well, I’m heading outside to shovel the truck out, get a bottle of wine, and come back to stoke the fire and enjoy a glass of that wine with cheese and a fresh sourdough bread that’s just about ready to come out of the oven.

We’ll ride this storm out in each others’ company in the warmth from the fireplace.


Enjoying the Snow; Thinking of Spring


Snow covered boat

Five inches of beautiful fluffy snow makes everything look like its hibernating.  I’m flipping through the pages of the Delorme Maine Atlas and Gazetteer and dreaming of places to canoe, kWoody ball fireplaceayak, and boat this summer.

Right now, my favorite fishing buddy is in front of the fireplace, bored to tears, and not so patiently waiting for the day when we can head for the woods again.



Here we go again. . .


My Blog got squashed!  Somehow, I managed to lock myself out of From My Neck of the Woods and had to install a new version starting from scratch.  I’ve done this several times, so, here we go again.

This time I’ll simplify the topics:

Nature – articles on all things in Nature that captivate my attention and, I hope, yours.

Outdoor Activities – some of the activities that I enjoy alone, with my dog,  with my friends, and with my clients (aka “Sports” in the Maine Guide’s vernacular)

Health and Diet – some observations on both these topics and favorite recipes

Maine Guide Service Trips and Education –  A description of the certifications I hold as a Master Maine Guide.  Prices are listed.

I hope you will enjoy the posts and visit often.


RJ Mere, January 21, 2015