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My Operator Privileges Assigned by Federal Communications Commission is Amateur Extra.  I'm also certified as a Volunteer Examiner (VE) by American Radio Relay League (ARRL).  My call sign is N1QX
QSL card

Ham shack photo shows:
N1QX Ham Shack 2 meter/70 cm/10 meter/6 meter Yaesu FT8900R  and the

160 meter through 6 meter Yaesu FT450D
All antennas are home brew - three are 1/2 wave dipoles for 80, 40, and 30 meters and two are full wave dipoles for 6 meters and 10 meters.  One is a 132 foot long end-fed wire for 160 meters through 10 meters.  The rest of the equipment in the photo consists of power supplies, SWR/Watt meters, antenna tuner, and some components used for Digital Mode.  There is a small collection of Morse Code (CW) keys.  Ham Radio Deluxe is the software connection between the computers and the FT-450D.

Favorite Organizations and Nets:  
  • American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
  • Southern Maine Area Amateur Radio Team (SMAART), formerly New England Radio Discussion Society (NERDS)
  • Wireless Society of Southern Maine (WS1SM)
  • Straight Key Century Club (SKCC),
  • Old Man International Sideband Society (OMISS)
  • Down Home Net 7.173 mHz
  • East Coast Amateur Radio Service 7.255 mHz (ECARS)
  • Early Bird Transcontinental (EBTN) 3.940
  • Sea Gull Net 3.940

This page is dedicated to all Amateur Radio operators and to anyone who is interested in learning more about the hobby.  For the latter, feel free to send me an email with your questions and I will attempt to answer them.  Ham radio has a lot of avenues beyond just talking over the airwaves.  Licensed operators can send digital and video information to each other, communicate with satellites, and even talk to operators in the International Space Station!


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