Local Events:

Comming August 9, 2018

KENNEBUNK, ME -- In an effort to inform and involve the public on sea level rise issues, The Planeteers of Southern Maine are hosting a sea level rise presentation, panel and strategizing event on August 9, 7 - 9pm, at the Town Hall Auditorium in Kennebunk.  

The evening will be begin with a presentation by Gayle Bowness, Science Education Program Manager at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI), Portland, ME. Ms. Bowness will briefly discuss current impacts and projections of sea level rise on the southern coast of Maine, due to global warming, as well as the compounding impacts of sea level rise. We'll examine flood maps and discuss examples of coastal resiliency. 

Bowness’ presentation will be followed by Q&A brainstorming with a panel of three local experts from varied perspectives:  Jim Black, KBK Economic Development Director and Harbormaster; KPT’s Jessica Wagner Kimball, Architect, OOB Former Planner & Thesis on Portland Waterfront and Sea Level Rise.  Jeremy Gabrielson, Conservation and Community Planner, Maine Conservation Heritage Trust. 

The Planeteers hope to involve Waterfront Property Owners and Businesses, Residents, and Town Officials in:  1) Acknowledging sea level rise forecasts, 2) Jointly exploring strategies that might make sense given local circumstances, 3) Setting meeting dates in each community to further dialog and discuss possible next actions.

Funding for this Planet Talk was provided by the New England Grassroots Environment Fund.  Visit  www. SoMePlaneteers.org  for more information.